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Cool as Ice…

“Iceland is such a magical place that it could have been plucked from a book of fairy tales. Look around and you see volcanoes, waterfalls and glaciers, one of which covers an area the size of Yorkshire.

There are snow-capped mountains, icefields and fjords. And between September and January, the magnificent vistas are made even more theatrical by the glow of the Northern Lights”, says Supermodel Elettra Wiedermann.


Iceland – a hot destination 2012

Fodor’s travelers rate Iceland, with its famous hot springs and midnight sun, as Europe’s top summer trip. Whether you’re looking for an alpine adventure in Switzerland or a city escape in Germany, these are the top countries to visit for Europe vacations in June, July, and August. Some top choices may even inspire you to plan your next trip.



Blue Lagoon – live

The Blue Lagoon is truly a wonderful place – just wish I was there but in the meanwhile it is possible to watch from live webcam.


Fragments of Iceland

Just came across this wonderful short film – beautiful pictures and so lovely to watch 🙂

Enjoy ->   http://vimeo.com/40558553

Puffins in Iceland

Every year the children of Westman Islands help the pufflings to go to the sea where they live 🙂

This video from National Geographic shows and tells about it.

Blue Lagoon

It’s brilliant to go to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland – and I can just imagine how wonderful experience this must have been, one good day awhile ago…


Golf in Iceland

Ever thought of playing golf in the midnight sun or in a beautiful golf course surrounded by lava?

Check out this site for further information on golfing in Iceland